Car Washing & Interior Detailing

mercedesCar WashingCar washing can be so time consuming! Not only that, but with all the soaps you buy, and water you use, it can become costly!

Not any more!

No Soap or Chemicals Needed!

Our innovative car cleaning products allow consumers to clean and dry any surface in one motion without using soaps or harsh chemicals. All you need is water! The leading portion, when wet, acts as a soap to pick up dirt and debris while making the water molecules smaller. The following portion comes behind it and dries the surface faster than any other car care product on the market! Our car cleaning products and process leaves the surface streak, scratch, dirt, and spot free with just one swipe!

Saves Money!

Shamerrific® automotive cleaning products have been proven to save time by combining two steps; Interior-pocket---1Interior Detailingcleaning and drying, in turn reducing the amount of time spent on car cleaning. Our innovative line of car cleaning products also saves consumers money because they eliminate the amount of car washing chemicals and cleaning products needed in traditional car washing and detailing.

Since developing Shamerrific® automotive cleaning products in 2008, we have washed and detailed 2 million vehicles!


Shamerrific® automotive cleaning products were invented to help people save time, money and more importantly to empower people to be more environmental friendly.

#1 In Kansas City

We have been using Shamerrific® Shine Products to detail since 2008, and we are the #1 detail company in Kansas City Metro area! 

Use Shamerrific® Shine Products to professionally detail an entire vehicle!  Unlike white rags that leave lint everywhere, Shamerrific® Cleaning Products help to clean, polish and blend everything to make it look uniform and have a perfect shine!

Use on:

• Carpets    • Cup Holders   • Dashboard   • Door Jambs   • Engines   • Leather   • Rims   • Seats   • Tires   • Wheel Wells   • Windows



packagingshamsidebarShamerrific® 2-IN-1 Microfiber & Chamois!

    • Clean & Dry In One Simple Motion
    • Reversible! With Or Without Pockets
    • 20"x16" For Excellent Coverage

$16.99 $2.99 S&H

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